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Christmas Memories

Let me tell you a story of a long time ago
When Christmas meant hard times especially for the poor.
With no Dad around to help Mom with six babes
It often meant hardships, both nights and all days.
One main concern was rent to be met
Then wood or oil our next chore to get
We had no T.V. to watch all the day
yet we never were bored...we knew how to play.
While dreams of sugar plums danced in our heads
We simply were thankful for one slice of bread.
There never was a tree on Christmas Eve
yet we never failed to simply believe.
We hoped for warm socks and maybe a toy
It really didn't matter for it all brought us joy.
We hung six well stretched stockings in the kitchen with care
With hopes that Santa would find them there.
Once long ago when I was three or four
I just couldn't wait for Christmas anymore.
Early that morn, it must have been around four
I crawled out of bed and across the floor
I saw a big tree five feet tall for sure
And all kinds of presents and surprises galore
I sat for awhile and stared at the sight
Then my face came alive with a look of delight
I unwrapped all the gifts each one at a time
to see just what treasure maybe I  could find.
There were socks and marbles, toy dolls and games
I unwrapped each one and threw away the names.
Suddenly a light shone down upon my head
It was my poor Momma, she had gotten out of bed.
She looked at the mess that was under the tree
Then she slowly turned around and looked at me.
I knew she was angry at all of the mess
So I smiled up at her trying my best.
She sat down beside me and cried for awhile
Then I heard her laugh as she began to smile
Let's wake up the others and get them to try
To guess their gifts by the color and size.
We all took our turns trying on socks and shirts
Trading in pj's for little tartan skirts.
We raided our stockings with joy and delight
Then we sat with our oranges taking big bites.
It was then we decided things had turned out just right
We were having a good time without even a fight.
We enjoyed Christmas that year for sure
But there was still work to be done, yes more...
We wrote up our thank you's with a question or two
Like- "did you send this and if so- to whom?"

We remember some bad times yet we cherish the good
And probably wouldn't change things even if we could.
We're learned how to share in both good times and bad
To reach out to others the best that we can
So we send out our greetings to all friends old and new
May Christmas bring you lots of joy and love and laughter too..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Church's of Nova Scotia

Happy Holidays

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