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Recipe For One Great Kid

2 c. laughs and giggles
1 c. mischief
3 T. honey-blond hair
2 large blue eyes
1 lively tongue
2 helpful hands
1 warm, understanding heart
1 active, curious brain
2 c. songs, some silly and some serious
1 funny cleft chin
10 curly toes, always bare
1/4 t. of hi hi hi

Mix all together. Makes one, and only one, Briana
Serve in large helpings raw, and enjoy.
You will find this kid absolutely delightful.

I am flipping with joy,
because it is a special day!
Happy Birthday, Briana.

Happy 1ST Birthday Darling Briana

Today I sit to write you a letter to celebrate your first birthday.
This letter is one wrote from the heart and one filled to over flowing
for having such a wonderful sweet precious granddaughter like you.
When I was a little girl, I always wanted a family.
Lots and lots of kids but I also knew I wanted to be a Grandma.

Never did I think it would affect me so much!
When your mommy and daddy told me they were having a baby,
I was so thrilled I cried a few tears.
Tears of joy, and expectations as then I wondered just what would you be like.
Well the day you were born, I cried more tears and those tears were of sheer joy.
There you were in the real world and making your presence well known.
It has been fun watching you learn to see the world with your eyes on your level.
I have loved getting down on the floor to meet your eyes and to see them sparkle like stars in the night.
To hear you learn to make sounds and then to hear you laugh,
has been nothing short of total joy for me.
Watching you grow in leaps and bounds, getting your way with smiles and frowns.
You have had a few bruises, trying to grow up so fast.
You stumble and fall when trying to walk yet you turn right around and do it again.
I see parts of mommy and daddy in you all the time and yet,
I even see parts of unknown, so I know you are all you, both fun and strong.
We laugh when you chatter Hi on the phone but now you say HI to anything that looks like an animal or person.
You love the horse to ride on each day and
you love grandma’s babies and expect them to play.
Doll babies and cars and teddy bears too,
these are the things that really please you.
When we have the TV on in the day, you twist and dance to all music they play.
We hear the tunes of Barney or Blues Clues and we know right where to go to find little you.

Briana I pray for you each day,
that you will always feel loved and have joy to over flowing.
I pray for your health and for your mommy and Daddy to .
I know that I really do love all of you.
It thrills my heart and soul to be a part of your life.
We look forward to many more days of fun and games
as we watch you grow up in the coming years.
But for now I am enjoying the show of watching you learn and seeing you grow.
No matter what lies ahead in the future,
you will always be loved for who you are
and the love we have for you each day.
Happy Birthday sweet Briana and may
God bless you beyond our wildest dreams for you.

Love Grandma J



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